Real Estate CRM Services

Integrate Communication Easily

When a potential customer wants to reach out to you through an online channel, the communication can come through via many ways. They may reach out to you via a mobile app, through SMS, website, e-mail or through social media platforms. An efficient software helps to integrate inbound or outbound calls, chats, website communication, e-mails, or social media communications so that you do not get overwhelmed by the various sources of communication. The fear of missing follow ups or responses is also mitigated using an efficient CRM software.

Campaign Management Made Easy

Campaign Management is also a hassle without a CRM system. With this, you can view leads for your ads on Print media, TV, Radio, or social media platforms easily. You can automate sending emails, follow ups, SMS, through a single dashboard. You can also customize the templates of the responses as per your requirement.

Site Visit Planning Made Super Easy

A Real estate marketing software helps to integrate your calendar with the activities that are on utmost priority. If you are a property owner who is not able to manage your daily calender you can leave your worries and woes aside. Plan visits, send automated reminders to customers for site visit, and arrange for transport if needed by the customer to and from the site seamlessly.

Channel Management and Commission Management

Last but not the least, there are several Real estate companies, independent agents or brokers who register themselves on the online channels and generate leads of potential customers. Disbursement of commission to those real estate companies and agents also becomes easier through the software.

CRM Software for Real Estate Industry?

The Real Estate Industry is one of the most promising industries that generates a lot of revenue. It is not surprising that it is always a booming industry to work in. The real estate industry comprising of property owners, agencies and independent agents are always loaded with data that is real-time and in large quantity. Managing data and responses as per the data becomes a Himalayan task. A CRM software always helps to narrow down the work and distributes the data across the relevant channels or sections. This makes management of data easier. Moreover, there can be mismanagement of bookings, payments, sales etc. if done through human efforts. A CRM software helps to manage these seamlessly. A property owner cannot trace buyers or tenants easily. Some approach only agencies and some only browse the online channels that are for free. The CRM software acts as a bridge between a property owner, the agencies, independent agents, and potential customers. This helps both the parties to never miss on an opportunity of a potential lead. Communication becomes easier with the presence of a single dashboard, commission system becomes transparent, and the sales become effortless. In short, the property sales and management become a cakewalk through an efficient Real Estate CRM Software.

How CRM Works In Real Estate?

  • A CRM in real estate helps in multiple ways to boost sales and to convert leads into actual sales.
  • It helps to connect potential customers to the property owners.
  • It helps Real Estate agencies, independent agents, or brokers to get connected with the right online channels.
  • A property needs visibility across platforms like website, online channels like magic bricks, 99 acres, No Brokers, It also needs visibility on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube etc. Getting visibility across all these platforms and channels becomes easier when you have an efficient CRM software.
  • A CRM software helps to integrate communication from customers, agencies, brokers, and dealers through various sources. The various sources can be calls, emails, website chat bots, SMS, or social media responses. Through a single dashboard the management of communication becomes easy to say the least.
  • Allocation of sales team for site visits becomes easier through automation. This mitigates the hassle of manually assign and schedule teams to lure customers into buying the property on the first or second visit.
  • Managing calender or schedule is not an easy task for every property owner. A CRM software integrates meetings, schedules, visits, and follow-ups with calender. This ensures that no appointment is noted down manually, and no lead is missed by mistake. Integration with the calender ensures that everything is in place and all activities have an automated reminder.
  • A Real estate CRM software helps to mitigate false bookings, improper pricing, or unpaid commissions (to agents). In short, transparency is maintained in all transactions and deals.

Why Densenium for Real estate Industries?

As we discussed earlier, the Real Estate industry is a very robust industry always loaded with a lot of data exchange, multiple channels of communication, involvement of a lot of revenue and commission. Such a robust exchange of data can create havoc on any property owner or dealer. When choosing a company’s CRM software, you must keep in mind that it serves its purpose efficiently.

  • We at Densenium have been in the market since years, and we know exactly as to what challenges a property owner or a potential customer face.
  • Integrity and honesty are part and parcel of our services. Once you invest in our CRM software, thorough handholding and support will be provided for any query regarding the software.
  • Pricing is discussed prior, so nobody is presented with uncalled for surprises at the last moment.
  • Face to face meetings, discussions, power-point presentations or virtual meetings are conducted.
  • The team makes sure that you are aware of what the software promises to offer.
  • Finally, regular follow-ups, real-time support and feedbacks are taken to ensure that the CRM software works as promised and helps you to boost your sales.

Having said that, do not delay your search for the perfect Real estate CRM software, and book your consultation now!

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