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Yalihan International - bordum, Turkey

Yalihan International is a real estate company which sells and rents beautiful sea facing villas and apartment.

what we did ?
  • We wanted to highlight Yalihan's luxury villas, so our first job was to make it attractive to the customers.
  • The first thing we did was uploading beautiful pictures on social media profile such as linkedin.
  • Bookmarking and website registration on different search engine such as Google, Bing etc.
  • We wrote keyword rich high quality blogs and articles for website such as blogger and medium.com
  • We created highly descriptive power point presentation to promote their business.
  • Submission of business profile on business listing websites.
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E-commerce for kitchenware and bottles

DescriptionE-commerce company making customized high quality kitchenware and bottles.

Company Essential Desires

What we did We created a simple website with user-friendly interface focusing on product specification.

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